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My Publications

My Projects

These are the main projects I'm involved

Teaching @UTAD

Some classes that I teach at UTAD in three main subjects

Instrumentation and Sensors

This is one of my main subjects. Some works with sensors applied to agriculture.

Microelectronics and MEMS

Two main classes in Microelectronics: Microtechnologies, and Micro-sensores and Micro-actuators.

Electronics and Embedded Systems

Some classes in electronics basics and in embedded systems where several micro-controllers are introduced.

  • Micro-controller Systems
  • Electrical Fundaments
  • Labs in Electronics
  • Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Microtechnologies
  • Micro-sensores and Micro-actuators

Resources I recommend

A simplified list of resource that I use.



Open-source electronics platform



Place for learning electronics



LaTeX tools


YouTube Channels

My favorite YouTube channels

About me

Contact me

The preferred means of contact is email. If you need any copy of an article, please use the form below.

UTAD University
Edf. ECT Polo I
5000-801 Vila Real

+351 259350391

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