Antonio Valente

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AAL Care Solutions

2009 to 2010

Salviano Filipe Silva Pinto Soares (PI)

Abstract: The new requirements of the Information Society lead to an emerging area of Life-Assisted Smart Environments supported by Information Tecnologies so that today is part of the research lines of many R&D centers at universities and companies and tops the agenda policy priorities in many countries and organizations: note the overall European Ambient Assisted Living ( which includes twenty member states and has already provided over three associated states. In this regard, special attention was given to the development of technology and content in order to improve independence and quality of life of citizens with the opportunity to create new targeted services, both from the perspective of the individual as well as the use of smart environments common in large public spaces.

  • Funding institution: PT Inovao
  • Cooperating institution: Universidade do Minho

Enhanced VOIP

2007 to 2008

Salviano Filipe Silva Pinto Soares (PI)


  • Funding institution: PT Inovao